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Plug and Play Policy

Our unique Plug and Play Policy is catered for South African’s young and small enterprise.  Where all machines that supplied by Alumach will be set to suit customers needs, with proper lining, template in place and all accessories been fitted. The only thing that you as the customer need to do is fit a PLUG and start PLAY.

For example:

If a customer ordered a ACRS100x300A, Single head copy router machine. The following information, parts and accessories will be included before the machine is ready for dispatch.

  1. 1 X Copy router plate-(customized to client’s hardware specs)
  2. 1 X 5mm-8mm single flute aluminum router bit (fitted on the machine)
  3. 1 X Easy to fit air fittings (fitted on the machine)
  4. 1 X 3 meter 8mm class 1 easy to fit air pipe (compatible with easy to fit air fittings)

All above mentioned accessories will be included and fitted upon dispatching.

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