Fabrication Training Program 2016

Training 2016

Are you looking for a new opportunity in life or a new life time career? Are you looking to invest into a new business venture? Are you a existing business owner that wants to add new products into your product range? Come, join us with our detail step by step, Aluminium windows and doors fabrication training program.
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Double head aluminium cut off miter saw


Advance Double Head Miter Cutting Machine with Digital Measuring system Max Cutting Length 3700mm Max Cutting Height 200mm Max Cutting Width 120mm
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Pnumatic aluminium end milling machine


Pneumatic Milling Machine Pneumatic cutting motion Max milling face 250mm Max milling height 90mm Max milling depth 45mm, Now with extra loading capacity and extra set of pneumatic clamps which can offer double production capacity.
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Pneumatic crimping machine


Pneumatic Crimping Machine 4 point crimping blade Customized crimping blades Max crimping height 90mm Max crimping depth 80mm
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Double head aluminium copy router machine


Pneumatic Copy Router Machine Max router bit 8mm Max width 90mm Max Length 280mm
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Glass cutting machine-semi-auto


Glass Cutting Machine Semi-Automate Cutting process Max glass size 2600 X 1800(mm), Max glass thickness 20mm
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Fabrication Training Program 2015 now open for Registration, Learn how to manufacture windows with our step by step training program... Read more

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We have the most complete aluminium machinery that will enhance your production efficiency.  Machines ranging from cutting, crimping, milling, copy routering, punching, glazing and manual tools.